Don't wait for users to reach out to you.Get notified about issues with your apps.

AppMon is a single place to monitor uptime, track errors and link it all to user behavior.
All in a simple interface. To give you the insights you need. So you can focus on your product.

Introducing SEO Health

for site owners

Keeping your site's SEO core web vitals healthy is important. Better scores mean more visitors.
But it's a chore.
Running a list of SEO health checks after every change is not what you signed up for. You'd prefer to spend that time improving your business.
That's where we come in.
We'll keep an eye on your SEO scores. Instead of running check manually, you'll get them in your inbox.
What website would you like to monitor?

"Users demand 24/7 availability. The best tool to achieve high availability is great monitoring. If you know what's going on at all times, you can fix problems before users notice.
Great monitoring improves user satisfaction, and saves time and money on customer support."
Robert-Jan Mahieu
Founder AppMon
Photo of Robert-Jan Mahieu

Our products

Are you looking for a simple no-code way to keep an eye on your site, or do you prefer to fine-tune all aspects?

SEO Health

For site owners

  • For site owners.

  • Get regular SEO scores in your inbox.

  • We monitor uptime of your site.

Monitoring suite

For developers

  • Access to our full monitoring suite.

  • Set up specific monitors with notifications

  • Log errors & other user events on

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